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Our Story

In the Summer of 2012, just three months into retirement, our father Richard got diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. 


Coming from an Irish Catholic Family of 8, he grew up in a blue collar household where love, family, and an appreciation of a hard day's work was the norm. Both of his parents were in the Navy during World War II, his father worked at a building supply company, and all five of his brothers work in construction in some sort of way. In fact, our Uncle John is sort of famous in the industry and has even written three books on various construction techniques. 


Our father worked as a mailman for over 40 years and had his own roofing company. He worked 6-7 days a week for our entire life. He is the hardest working man we have ever met. In fact, when he retired, he was paid his full salary for over a year and half due to how much sick time he had accrued.


We are from western Maryland, but our family grew up going to Ocean City, Maryland. Our Dad and Uncles actually built our grandparent's retirement home in North Ocean City. We grew up going to Billy's Sub Shop, eating Fisher's Popcorn and Thrasher's Fries, going to the beach, walking our dogs in the offseason on the boardwalk, and so much more.


So, when our father retired, Ocean Pines was his dream. And he has absolutely loved it here.

As time has gone on, the disease has made it harder for him to live alone. Our father is extremely independent, but in 2022, things took a turn for the worse. After 3 falls, the most recent one being in June where he was hospitalized for 2 weeks and went through acute rehab, the doctors told us that he could no longer live alone.

Our family started to research options, and then we saw the price of assisted living and just knew that was not an option. Our dad wants to live in his home as long as possible. And for someone who has given us so much over the years, it's time for us to give back. 

Mike has been a carpenter for the past 20 years. He specializes in painting, but he really can do anything (except for plumbing). Brandon has worked in tech and business for the past 10 years. 


So, we decided to launch this business together and be reliable, honest, and hard working neighbors to the Ocean Pines community.


This is our story. 

Thank you for reading,

Brandon & Mike Carroll

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